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Since he began his professional entertainment career 20 years ago, Jeff Giles has travelled not only across Canada, but also to the United States and Europe as a singer, multi-instrumentalist, tribute artist, actor, and songwriter, with years of sold-out houses, critical acclaim, and standing ovations to his credit. Known as “Canada’s Buddy Holly” by CBC Television, he will appear in the upcoming documentary “Almost Almost Famous” on CBC’s Documentary Channel. His success as a tribute artist is only a piece of the puzzle, however: at the core, Jeff’s lifelong interest in music was born from the power of great pop songwriting, and he is dedicated to constantly improving not only his own writing, but the writing of those around him.  

Perhaps even more than his experience, it is his passion for learning that serves him well as an educator. Jeff has always been fascinated by how things work, and in the case of art, he continues to explore the balance between those sudden moments of inspiration, periods of free experimentation, and developing a solid sense of craft, with a keen interest in why great songs are great, how they move us emotionally or make us want to dance, and most importantly, what a songwriter can do to make their own work as exciting and moving as the work of their musical heroes. 

Some of Jeff’s past songwriting coaches and mentors have included Ron Sexsmith (Juno award winning songwriter), Steven Page (Canadian Music Hall of Fame inductee), Blair Packham (The Jitters, solo artist, songwriting teacher at Seneca College), Bill McKetrick (Nashville songwriter, teacher, and former guitarist for Jackson Browne), James Linderman (charting songwriter, educator, former Berklee College Ambassador, and widely published author), and Andrea Stolpe (Berklee College songwriting professor).

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