Buck Moore Mentors Zone

I am a senior instructor, inventor/product designer, audio-visual consultant & public speaker, who also works behind the scenes and on stage, and lives for education, live events & entertainment. I teach, or have taught, classes & private workshops on AV technology, film making & career development. In addition, I have developed three educational & entertainment products to improve user experiences and fast-track progress in learning and personal development.

As a long time speaker, instructor, filmmaker and performer, I have utilized modern technology and innovative techniques to enhance over 4000 live events, well over 100 film and video projects, and I have delivered over 5,000 hours of speeches, lectures and presentations.

I have been running an AV service (Technical Director, consulting, staffing), as well as workshops and seminars, for over 15 years, and I strive to find new ways to supply the best experiences possible.

I dedicate myself to workplace improvement, career development, staffing for events & education and AV presentation technology. I have a passion for team improvement, innovative methods and harmonious teamwork.

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